Savwinch 880SS Signature Stainless Steel Drum Winch

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Our Signature Series Winches were introduced in 2016, they are full 316 Stainless Steel motors.

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Our Signature Series Winches were introduced in 2016, they are full 316 Stainless Steel motors.

They’re completely submersible without the use of sealants or glues, while also offering all the award winning features of the Classic Series.

Savwinch were the first to design this smallest drum anchor winch on the market. After doing our own market research, there was a real need for a small winch on the market. So we made one for those with boats up to 5.5 metres.  Our 880CS/880SS winch models have been designed to fit into the smallest of anchor wells. The same high quality Australian made Savwinch; it comes with all the design features and benefits of the entire Savwinch boat anchor winch range. It also comes with patented electric box and wiring looms as an additional option, making it simple, quick and cost effective to install yourself.

Many boating manufacturers are fitting this winch into their boats including Stacers, Quintrex and even Haines Signatures (which due to their small anchor wells couldn’t fit drum winches in previously). They are popular in many alloy and small fiberglass boats. Small but with plenty of grunt, which you have come to expect from Savwinch.

Mclay Boats fit only Savwich Winchs.

So if you thought you could never get a drum winch into your boat due to size limitations, don’t want to have an oversized winch for your application and are looking for a small winch that is strong, durable and cost effective, get your Savwinch today.

All of our 880CS/880SS winches come standard with 60m of rope and 6m of chain, though longer specialised lengths can be custom made.

All packages come with Savwinch, Guide Roller, Backing Plate and Bolts,Switch Gear and Rope Kit suit.


We know our products can withstand the test of time, so for the first time ever, our brand new Signature Series come with an included comprehensive 7 year warranty!

Savwinch are the first and only company to offer such an extensive warranty. We believe a premium product should include a premium warranty.