Inox 300g Aerosol Lubricant


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INOX MX3 Lubricant – With Special MX3 Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Moisture Formula

The only lubricant in the world with the special MX3 anti-corrosion, anti-moisture formula for the twenty–first century.

Over the years INOX MX3 has become known as the “Supreme Lubricant” and the go to product when the highest of quality is needed.


The special MX3 anti-corrosion, anti-moisture formula is now sought after all around the globe making it one of the leading lubricants in the world today.  These qualities make it safe for almost every market out there including:

  • Automotive 

  • Aviation 

  • Commercial 

  • Domestic 

  • Electrical & Electronics 

  • Engineering 

  • Farming & Mining 

  • Firearms 

  • Fishing 

  • Hobbies 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Marine 

  • Motorcycles 

  • Sports

  • Transport