Inflatable SUP – Waxenwolf Woodie


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WOODIE ISUP (10’10”)

The Woodie is Waxenwolfs new inflatable paddleboard. Imagine having a rigid, bouyant 10 ft 10 paddleboard that fits in your backseat instead of on the roof?

Length: 10’10” (330 cm) 

Width: 30” (77 cm) 

Thickness: 6” (15 cm) 

Board Weight: 12 kg 

Volume: 200 Litres Rider 

Weight Limit: 130 kg

Paddle Included!

Que the Woodie. Easily inflated to a full sized, extremely durable paddleboard that looks exactly like a fibreglass model- it even has a bamboo wood design. It comes with a backpack that it rolls up into, a pump and a repair kit. Its compact and stylish, perfect to take away on camping trips.

Complete with Aluminium Paddle, legrope, repair kit, pump and backpack.


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