Emerkit Epoxy Putty


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EMERKIT® The Epoxy You Can Handle
150ml Kit

Emerkit® The Original Epoxy Putty has secured a history of quality and has been manufactured in NZ Since 1967. Emerkit® has secured a place in numerous tradesmen tool boxes through Australia and New Zealand.  

USES:  Pools• Pipes • Fuel Tanks • Radiators • Tiles • tanks • Troughs • Ceramics

Mouldable:Can be hand moulded to any shape, will not run or drip
Bonds: Will adhere to practically any rigid surface, wet or dry, above or below the water
Fills:  An Ideal Filler – expands slightly on setting, cannot fallout
Seals Leaks: In practically anything including roofs while its raining
Insulates:  Has high electrical insulation strength
Sets: like Concrete
Simplifies: All Repair work.  1:1 mix and hands and equipment can be cleaned with water. No solvents necessary