Battery Conditioner INOX 92ml


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INOX MX2 Battery Conditioner

New Life for mechanically sound older batteries and double life expectancy for new ones.For use in Boats, Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Buses, Aviation, Farm & Earth moving equipment, Industrial, Solar & Stationary batteries

INOX MX2 is in a class of its own, the only product of its kind that keeps giving outstanding results year in, year out! Approximately 70% of lead-acid batteries over a period of time stop operating because of sulfation on the plates. Charging the battery does not stop this sulfation from happening. INOX MX2 Battery Conditioner can be added at any time during the life cycle of a lead acid battery, but for the best results and longest life for the battery, it is best to add the INOX MX2 Battery Conditioner when the battery is brand new.


  • Dissolves battery killing sulfation
  • Better & faster cold morning starts
  • Constant brighter lights
  • Rapid power recovery & recharge
  • Holds charge longer between use
  • Increases battery efficiency up to 18%
  • Up to 2 – 3 times longer use
  • Up to 12 months additional warranty

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