Altex P40 Prepainting Cleaner


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P40 Prepainting Cleaner 1Litre



P40 Prepainting Cleaner is designed to clean intact, painted surfaces in preparation for repainting.

Old, painted surfaces are made “super-clean” with P40 Prepainting Cleaner and the adhesion of subsequent coatings is promoted. No other preparation may be needed before repainting above water surfaces. Sanding, solvent wiping, grit sweeping, roughening-up of the old painted surfaces or other costly preparation may be eliminated.

P40 Prepainting Cleaner is ideal for:

  • Dry dock painting
  • Maintenance painting
  • New construction
  • Hygienic cleaning
  • Removal of water soluble surface contaminants


Promotes Adhesion as it Cleans

  • Cleans super clean
  • Dramatically improves recoatability of most epoxy, urethane and alkyd coatings

Reduces Repainting Costs

  • Reduces need for mechanical abrasive cleaning
  • Does not require specialised equipment


  • Contains no solvents
  • Contains no phosphates, halogens or caustics
  • Infinitely soluble in fresh or salt water


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