Altex Epoxy Barrier Undercoat 1L or 5L


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Epoxy Barrier Undercoat


Epoxy Barrier Undercoat is a professional grade primer ideally suited to lengthy new-build or repaint projects where different epoxy surfacers, undercoats and fairing compounds – of different ages – require to be sealed and prepared for final finishing.

In repaint situations where areas of the same job may be spot-filled, have existing sanded polyurethane finish and / or sanded epoxy undercoat, Epoxy Barrier Undercoat provides an excellent one-step tie-coat and sealer prior to applying urethane finish coats.

Epoxy Barrier Undercoat may be top-coated with acrylic or polyester urethane finishes and is especially formulated as a sealer under Elite Polyurethane, Elite Pro~Spray, and Boero Challenger HT finishes


  • is an excellent adhesion coat when applying a new finish over existing aged, and suitably prepared, polyester or acrylic urethane gloss coatings.
  • Available in a carefully selected grey tone allowing easy obliteration with low opacity finish coats.
  • Excellent lay-down qualities minimise the need for sanding prior to application of gloss finish coats.
  • In a multi-coat sequence Epoxy Barrier Undercoat can provide priming and barrier coat capabilities direct to prepared GRP and epoxy laminates.
  • Suitable for service above and below water

Available in 1.25 Litre  or  5 Litre                

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