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Electric Bow Thrusters

Electric bow thrusters (DC thrusters) are used in leisure boats ranging from 20ft to 100ft. These DC thrusters are less space consuming, easier to install and can be a cost efficient alternative to hydraulic thrusters. All Side-Power electric bow and stern thrusters are equipped with the patented Intelligent Power Control (IPC) safety function.

SE 40/125 S  (26’-34’ boats)

Thrust at 10.5V * (kg • lbs) 40 • 88 
Thrust at 12V * (kg • lbs) 48 • 105 
Typical boat size (ft • m) 26’ – 34’• 8 – 10.5 
Tunnel I.D. (mm • in) 125 • 4.92’’
Propulsion system Single
Power at 10.5V (kw • Hp) 2.2 • 3
For DC system (V) 12
Weight (kg • lbs) 10 • 22
Min. Batt. Cap (CCA**) 300
Item Code 12V SE40/125S

* All Sidepower thrusters gets their thrust rating from the actual performance you can expect in a boat, at the voltage a normal installation will provide at the thruster. We have chosen to use the net performance at 10.5V/21V, but we also list the effect at 12V/24V for comparison. 

** All Battery CCA Ratings are stated at the DIN Rating, multiply by 1.9 to equal the SAE rating at 0o F which is ABYC standard.

June – July Special

SE 40 $2,550.00 (26’-34’ boats)
SE 60 $3,099.00 (29’-38’ boats)
SE 80 $4,299.00 (35’-48’ boats)

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